Blade was established in 2001 - Our aim has always been to use our experience in visual design to deliver the highest possible service to all our clients.

We believe it's vital to work closely with our clients, beginning at the concept meetings and working with them through all the stages of design to arrive at a finished product they (and we) are happy with.

This way we can be sure to create the right visual solution that works creatively as well as commercially. Blade is fully aware of current trends (without being a slave to them) and is confident in taking on any project, large or small.

Please have a look though our website and feel free to contact us about any design project you may be planning.

Our website shows a selection of work over the past 10 years. In that time our core market has been the Music Industry. Working with New and Established Artists, as well as working on TV Advertised Compilation albums, Catalogue and Geatest Hits albums through Strategic Marketing Departments. But variety is the spice of life... and so we have always relished working with clients in other industries.